Age for Seeking Admission

Admission Procedure

The Academic Session of the school starts from 1st April and ends on 31st March. The admission process is designed to enroll students demonstrating promise. A registration from is included with the prospectus or it can be done online. Registration does not imply admission, but it is subject to the clearing of the admission test conducted by school and availability of the seats and fulfilling admission criteria as laid by school. The registration fee is non-refundable

1. The academic session is from the 1st April to the 31st March,

2. Advanced registration is compulsory for the new admission to the school. Admission fee is to be

Deposited within a week of the Admission Test, failing which the admission stands cancelled and the seat is declared vacant.

Micron which will chiefly depend on the

3. It must be noted that mere registration does not guarantee admission, which will chiefly depend on the combined test given at the time of admission. This consists of a Written Test in English and Math’s to assess the suitability of the pupil for a particular class. The Written Test is followed by the Personality and Physical-cum-Medical fitness tests.

4. The School Authority reserves the exclusive right to decide the class to which a pupil can be admitted. DOCUMENTS REQUIRED FOR ADMISSION 1 Proof of the Date of Birth from the Municipality or any other competent authority 2 Mark sheet of the previous class 3 SLC/TC issued by the school last attended 4 Migration Certificate, if any

5. School/Board Registration Number, if any

6. Twelve copies of the passport-size photographs of the child and one photo each of the parent and the

Guardian or the person authorized to visit the child on their behalf

7 Medical Certificate from a qualified doctor to certify that the child is medically fit and free from any

Infectious disease

8. A copy of original Passport with valid Visa (for NRIs and foreigners)

9. Copy of the Residential Permit (foreign passport holders only) Note: Particulars of a child will remain the same as mentioned in the SLC issued by the previous school according to the CBSE rule