­­­­­­TRM HOUSE SYSTEM……………………..

The students of the school are grouped in four separate Houses and each house is monitored by a teacher representative or House In-charge along with other teacher members of the House. The houses are RABINDRA NATH TAGORE,CV RAMAN, MAHARANA PRATAP and SIVAJI. A number of inter-house activities like quizzes, drawing competitions, poem recitation competitions, essay writing competitions and debate competitions etc are conducted during the course of the academic year. The Houses are formed with a motive of inculcating a spirit of teamwork and unity among the students along with providing them a platform to showcase and hone their talent in different fields. Houses also take weekly turns to assist the school authorities in the day to day running of the school like conducting morning assembly, setting up the school bulletin board, maintaining discipline, checking uniform among a host of other activities.



An important feature in the organization of the School is the corporate life of its students fostered by the encouragement given to co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. These activities are designed to develop qualities of leadership, a sense of responsibility and a spirit of co-operation and service. Central to the organization is the House SystemLife of students at the school is organized around the House system where-by each of the students in school from class Nursery onwards is allotted a house named after four eminent leaders and personalities. A number of Inter –house competitions are organized to help the students to appreciate the performance in their proper prospective . The House-System also includes competitive feelings and encourages them towards successThese Houses are :


MOTTO :- ‘Constant effort’ is the key to success, our mentor Rabindranath Tagore the Guiding light of the path on which all tagorians tread. In quest of excellence we Tagore house believe that every Tagorian is unique and special, we Tagorians strive to generate true awareness and responsibility and thereby bring about the capability to build a world in which love overpowers fear, where challenge and support promotes excellence where tolerance and compassion are the norm and where creativity and positive intent continuously generate new possibilities.


MOTTO :- ‘Unity is strength’ keeping the spirit of their motto the students of Raman House will climb up the ladders of remarkable successes in the house competition of the school following the footsteps of C.V. Raman. They have put their utmost skills tremendous efforts to maintain the dignity of the house. And shall continue the same in different walks of life. Idea itself is to create a socially responsible person through knowledge and pain.

“Those who work or struggle for their work and the world, are remembered forever.”
– Maharana Pratap

Named after the king of Mewar  from the  the Yellow House depicts wisdom. It teaches students to be wise and kind to every being on earth.

MaharanaPratap Singh, the ‘lion of Mewar’, a heroic figure among several Indian legends. Rana Pratap’s defiance of the mighty Mughal empire, almost alone and unaided by the other Rajput states, constitute a glorious saga of Rajput valour and the spirit of self-sacrifice for cherished principles. The undaunted courage of Maharana Pratap in the battle of Haldighati has become a folk tale.

He was one of the strongest warriors ever seen and struggled like a true valiant for the freedom of his subjects and territory even under adverse circumstances. His love for freedom and sacrifice for motherland has been a source of inspiration for students of Pratap House.

The house has been named after him since many of our school’s values find resonance in Maharana Pratap’s life defying the gap of decades lying between him and us. Named after MaharanaPratap, the students of this house represent attribute such integrity, self-respect, courage, ambition and intelligence.

Our students draw inspiration from the bravery and patriotism of MaharanaPratap. They are unchallenged, invincible, and do things in a unique and extraordinary manner with zeal, enthusiasm and gusto.

Shivaji is one of the four houses of TRM School. This house is an eponym of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who was a skillful diplomat, a valiant soldier and an enlightened administrator. Shivaji Maharaj possessed innumerable qualities like leadership, fearlessness, chivalry, boldness and courage and, so do the students of Shivaji House. It’s colour is scarlet red, and it’s element is fire.

The colour red is the colour of both love and hate, it symbolizes boldness and power and represents the values of Shivaji Maharaja perfectly. Loyalty, harmony, fortitude and determination are displayed by the students of this house. In the Independence Day celebration of 2023, we won the title of The Best Marchpast 2022.

We also bagged the second position for the TRM Bulletin Board competition 2022. Surely, Shivaji house is where one would find the pluckiest, most daring, ambitious and academically successful students with countless achievements across diverse domains.

As Shivaji Maharaja famously said “Never bend your head and always hold it high’’ we, the students of Shivaji House have always held our head high and will continue to do so.